Catino is your accounting partner

Equip your back office with powerful accounting automation and gain visibility into your restaurant in real time.

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Transform your restaurant with transparent accounting

Use machine learning for auditing your orders instantly.

Track the lifecycle of an order and verify payouts.

Automatic revenue collections.


More features to power-up your back office accounting

Realtime analytics

Track orders, gain new insights, and reap the rewards.


We’ll notify you of important events that need your attention so you’re never caught off guard.

Automated reports

Get an effortless breakdown of your business finances to see where your delivery earnings are going and how to improve operations.

Revenue recovery

Automate revenue collections and never spend another minute fighting for your money.


Integrated with all tools you already know and love

How it works

Create an account as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Start your 30-day free trial on us and begin auditing your orders today.

2. Connect accounts

Connect your accounts.

3. Track & recover

Track delivery earnings and track recovered revenue.

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