Automate your restaurant accounting

Connect your online ordering channels to automate daily accounting work. No more spreadsheets, uncollected revenue, or chargebacks.

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How does Catino work?

We simplify your accounting. Just connect your delivery apps, and Catino will handle everything else. Each day you'll receive an updated accounting report.

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1. Create a free account

Getting started with Catino is free. Want to track your virtual brands alongside your brick-and-mortar location? You can add as many locations and stores as you like.

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2. Connect your accounts

Connect the required accounts, and start pulling and tracking your delivery business in seconds.

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3. Start tracking your business

Leverage powerful automated workflows and reduce the manual accounting work for yourself and your team—no spreadsheets or bs.

The 1st Revenue Recapture solution for restaurants

Recapture is the first solution for your restaurant to fight against fraudulent chargebacks and the hidden fees charged by delivery apps. Recapture will automatically chase down your revenue—no more phone calls to Doordash or GrubHub.

All-in-one accounting tool

Once you start using Catino, you can't return to your old ways. We promise you, that's why we made it free to try.


Once you connect your accounts, Catino will import order data and complete daily accounting audits. Ensuring you're never charged hidden fees or miss another payout.

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Daily order audit reports
No more hidden fees by delivery apps
Drill down into the exact fees charged by each delivery apps
No more manually auditing orders


Use real-time earnings to improve your business decision-making. See every fee charged by delivery apps, down to every penny.

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24/7 earnings reports
Reconcile sales across every channel
Receive alerts of big drops in earnings or increases in fees from your connected channels
A single dashboard for all your earnings data


With Catino, you no longer need to spend time calling the different delivery apps fighting to get your money back for extra charges or incorrect refunds.

Catino will automatically flag orders where you are owed money and pursues that money for you. No more phone calls or emails.

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Automatically recapture lost sales for refunded orders
Eliminate phone calls + emails to chase your money
Higher revenue recapture rate
Reduce chargeback rates by 70%


Catino will automatically tie orders to bank deposits to guarantee payouts for completed orders. Track refund credits as well, and never miss another payout.

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Automated revenue recognition
Receive alerts when missing a payout
Real-time payout tracking across all channels
Reduce your accounting bill by 30% with this one feature

Connect with your favorite apps

We're always adding new integrations monthly. If you don't see the one you need, reach out to our support team, and we'll get it added.

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Eat 24

Uber Eats





Google Ordering

Designed for Ghost Kitchens too

Automate accounting across your entire ghost kitchen network from one place. And of course you can add your whole team and any partners.

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Individual Restaurants

Power accounting for a single unit.

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Ghost Kitchen Operators

Power accounting for your entire network of partners and kitchens.

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Power accounting for your entire franchise network or select locations.