Audit all of your orders no matter the size or type of restaurant you operate.

Small Restaurants

Save time and place your accounting work on auto pilot

Toss out your spreadsheet and calculators—plugin Catino and never worry if your restaurant loses money on delivery again.

Realtime analytics
Fee alerts
Payout tracking
Revenue recovery
Chain Restaurants

Increase operational efficiency and sales across each of your locations.

Catino's advanced restaurant auditing & recovery solutions help chain restaurants monitor their delivery operation without increasing complexity.

Segment by location
Predict future fees
Advanced reports
100% order protection
Ghost Kitchens

Monitor all of your concepts and make sure you get paid correctly

Working with NextBite, Future Foods, or have your own virtual brands? Then, automate your auditing with a few clicks and operate with peace of mind.

Audit orders
Payout auditing
Custom reports